Willow's Abyss - Insane abyssal mods for sale! Currently on display the best heat sink on the market (1.155X 12.02%)

I’m setting up shop in the abyssal market, rolling mods and risking my wallet so you don’t have to \o/
I have a large collection of mods with my name on it, I’d love nothing more than to find the perfect fit for your dream build so that these mods can see the action they deserve. so if you are looking for something specific, get in touch! easiest is to just convo me in game, you’ll find me in the abyssal trade channels. eve mail works too!

Current highlights:

GG Heatsink

Awesome roll on the DMG modifier, good ROF. clocks in at a total 31.6% DPS increase. 28.9 CPU.
Best on contracts and quite possibly best currently in the game. not enough supply on officer mods to roll these stats yourself!

50b :money_mouth_face:

Sexy Mag Stab

GG roll on a mag stab here. with 1.14 DMG and 12.81% ROF, you’ll probably be better off trying your luck using officer base mods for your roll than to try and outmatch this one. obviously outperforms meta 17. Currently the best faction roll in circulation.
Price: 6.5b

Zingy Gyros

Hakim%20 Hakim%20pair

Tried my luck at upgrading another officer dmg mod. one failed miserably, the other was not quite the increase I hoped for. but then I went looking around in the rest of my stock and found a near perfect match to my latest creation. Make no mistake, these gyros will wreak absolute havoc on the battlefield.

Asking 6 bil each or 10 bil for the pair.

if you’re in jita, stop by and see if I have any upgrades for your current setup! making god rolls means I have a lot of relatively bricked things. but that doesn’t mean that those mods suck! so if you are looking for a faction scram with decent stats and just a few smudges or if you have no problem trading a bit of dmg for better CPU so you can make it fit: talk to me! show me your fit and lets see what we can do with the wiggleroom.

Expanded my stock! got some beastly gyros and 5mn’s in stock currently. hit me up!

Got some fantastic damage mods for all types in stock!

Updated with some lovely gyros!

got some happy customers take home some tailor made items! plenty more to go around!

bunch of fresh stock! and adjusting prices on my gallery :slight_smile:

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