Windows command line converters for eve 3d models (to obj and json)

evegr2toobj (git)
Converts gr2 files to obj files.
This is an updated version of evegr2toobj.exe which can now load all the things™ (including base characters and clothing)

evegr2tojson (git)
Converts gr2 files to json files.
The output json file contains almost everything a gr2 file has, including skeletons, bones, meshes, models, animation curves, bone weights, bone indices, bitangents, tangents etc. This format is used by ccpwgl2 and could be used as an interim source for converting to a 3d format that supports cool stuff, like fbx and unlike obj.

Compiled windows executables can be found in the /dist folder.




Yes, but just the base models without any deformations or customisations. :slight_smile:


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