Wine & SwitchRes X - How to setup the auto resolution switch?

Hi there!

I’m using SwitchRes X to switch my resolution to run Eve and I would like to be able to setup the auto resolution switch via the Monitor applications, but here is the thing, I couldn’t find the way to select Wine. :expressionless: Is there a way to find the wine app somewhere ? That could also be useful to put the Options keys (Opt1, Opt2, Opt3…) on the mac Touch Bar, I guess it’s the same problem…

Help ! :pray:

My default resolution on desktop is 1680x1050 and I run Eve (window mode) at 1400x900 for reasons of performances.

I’m on a Macbook Pro (15-inch, 2017) Catalina 10.15.2

Thanks !
(And sorry for my bad english)

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