wineHQ and dx11

(Whitehound) #41

And another one has come out, Nvidia 396.51 (README / download).

It’s however only interesting to users of DXVK, because it adds support for VK_EXT_vertex_attribute_divisor, which DXVK makes use of when found.

  • Added support for VK_EXT_vertex_attribute_divisor.

GIT log of DXVK says the following about it:

Date:   Mon Apr 16 17:33:55 2018 +0200

    [dxvk] Enable VK_EXT_vertex_attribute_divisor if available
    We will use this extension in order to implement vertex
    binding divisors other than 1 for per-instance attributes.
    Will be *required* as soon as support by wine and Vulkan
    drivers is widely available.

I have no idea yet if and how much this impacts performance.

(Gharim Turen) #42

But in all cases it works (used at Ubuntu 18.4.1)

(Anderson Geten) #43

What I’m interested in, is making my computer able to run several clients at the same time without making my computer overheat.

I use ubuntu.
I followed this.
Some modifications : My wine-devel is installed in /opt so I had to simlink wine64 and winecfg into /bin (I guess I could have added the /opt/wine-devel/bin to my PATH ? )

So I tried and I did not notice a modification in CPU consumption. with three toons logged, two in stations with minimal graphics and one killing rats with max graphics, my CPU was 47% like before I had installed dxvk. Even worse, the minimize of the window usually reduces CPU by a large amount, here it did not work and with 3 accounts minimized I still had 24% CPU usage.
However the graphics were a tiny bit better (the font especially), maybe because the aliasing was added.
BTW I had almost constant 60FPS.

My nvidia driver is Version: 396.45-0ubuntu0~gpu18.04.2
Maybe I will get the next shipped on later ?

(Whitehound) #44

Yes, using PATH is less messy.

When you set export DXVK_HUD=1 do you get to see a HUD in the top-left corner? And when you press Ctrl-F and it shows you the frames per second does it then say it is DX11?

Because when you don’t notice any difference from before then you might not have DXVK working correctly.

WINE and driver version look fine.

I’m running two accounts and when both are minimized does my CPU clock down to 1.5GHz and I still only have 7% CPU usage. That’s very summer friendly.

(Anderson Geten) #45

did not try. Just tryed and yes.

driver: 396.45.0
Vulkan: 1.1.70

yes, dx11 / gtx980M / SM_3_0_DEPTH

(Whitehound) #46

Try setting export DXVK_LOG_LEVEL=none and export WINEDEBUG=-all and see if this reduces the usage a bit.

Maybe what you’re seeing are a lot of debug messages being produced and dumped into /dev/null.

Once the clients are started can one also exit the launcher. It’s not needed when then clients are all up.

(Anderson Geten) #47

with max quality it’s gorgeous. too bad it’s also cooking my desktop. with one account, max quality, 4*2 threads it consumes 22% CPU. Even when minimized.
BTW Htop tells me the sharedcache process also consumes 13% CPU. After a few minutes it goes down to 7% . Also the CPU usage when minimized goes down too.

Will try to remove logs. I thought I already had the winedebug = -all .

I went to the optoins, “download all” to avoid any weird case of “resource has to be downloaded but fails at check” loop. now the launcher is 120% CPU when downloading missing resources. Will check the cpu when it’s done.

(Anderson Geten) #48

ok when it’s done and I start the account( stay on log in character ), the “sharedcache” program still eats 47% CPU.
program is C:\EVE\SharedCache\tq\bin\exefile.exe /noconsole /server:tranquility /ssoToken=nope

been waiting and it reaches 100% CPU.

Closing the account makes it go down(process killed), starting it again get back 100% CPU.
After a while it goes back to 80-90% CPU.
minimizing it goes to 16% cpu.

launching two other accounts (which thus are in max-settings) go back to 120% CPU, and FPS on first account going down to 30. I’m starting to get tan lines from the heat.

After a while, it still remains at 130% CPU.

minimizing the 3 accounts it goes to back to 15% CPU.

(Whitehound) #49

The latest release of the Vulkan beta driver for Nvidia, version 396.54.02, seems to have finally fixed the last flickering issues in combination with DXVK for EVE Online.

The flickering can be seen here:

Nvidia Vulkan developer web page:

Download link for 396.54.02:

This now gives me the best possible visual experience under Linux, free of any visual glitches or artifacts, for EVE Online.

Update: this may have been a little bit too early. Now the flickering on the HUD in the first person view is gone, but it appears that the centre HUD only scrolls into one direction when it should scroll up and down. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be, but it looks wrong. Well, at least it doesn’t flicker anymore :sunglasses: I’ve compared it to EVE under Windows and it appears to be a normal behaviour.

Installing EVE on Ubuntu 18.04 using Lutris
(Le Ming) #50

Thank you, that was the missing bit I needed to make it work with dx11.
I had a working vulkan setup but for eve it would only use dx9 due to this missing library.
Works in vanilla wine and proton/steam now (for proton you need to set wine to WinXP, see here)

(Whitehound) #51

For anyone who wants to use DXVK 0.80, note that it now features a state cache. This helps the performance of an individual game. However, when using multiple clients simultaneously is it currently not easily possible to have DXVK distinguish between them. The consequence is a segfault in dxgi.

To turn the state cache off for now does one need to set the environment variable DXVK_STATE_CACHE=0.

I haven’t tested the state cache for when one is running only a single account with EVE Online, but I assume it won’t be necessary there. This will only be necessary for running multiple accounts using the same executable file.

(Whitehound) #52

In case anyone wonders what’s happening with DXVK, it appears it’s receiving improvements to remove the micro-stutters. It’s still not as perfectly smooth as under Windows, but it’s getting closer.

(Whitehound) #53

The latest DXVK master requires an update of the glslangValidator. Otherwise will it produce the following error message:

glslangValidator -V --vn dxvk_pack_d24s8 ../../../dxvk-master/src/dxvk/shaders/dxvk_pack_d24s8.comp -o src/dxvk/src@dxvk@@dxvk@sta/dxvk_pack_d24s8.h
WARNING: ../../../dxvk-master/src/dxvk/shaders/dxvk_pack_d24s8.comp:3: '#extension' : extension not supported: GL_EXT_samplerless_texture_functions
ERROR: ../../../dxvk-master/src/dxvk/shaders/dxvk_pack_d24s8.comp:37: 'texelFetch' : no matching overloaded function found 
ERROR: ../../../dxvk-master/src/dxvk/shaders/dxvk_pack_d24s8.comp:37: '' : compilation terminated 


The new Nvidia driver 415.13 is out and contains many of the Vulkan fixes of the Vulkan beta driver series 396.54.xx. This includes all the fixes for EVE and no longer produces flickering and missing triangles.

(Whitehound) #54

WINE 3.20 finally fixed the issue around “Windows XP”-mode. One now no longer has to set it and EVE runs out-of-the-box perfectly.

I’ve tested it with “Windows 7”-mode and “Windows 10”-mode and none caused a failure.

Now all I’m looking forward to is a Steam client with an updated Proton, which should allow for the best and easiest EVE Online on Linux experience yet.

(Kitten Ripper) #55

EVE Online now also has received a Platinum rating at WineHQ:

One AppDB maintainer is against it, because he considers the need for the MS fonts a work-around. Yet does one not need winetricks corefonts, but rather does one have to install additional distro packages. Still, he argues the installation of these additional packages would be work-arounds. We’ll have to see what comes of it.

Fact is, one has to install additional packages on Debian to enable additional features of WINE. It’s just how Debian works. So do the MS fonts need to be installed with the package ttf-mscorefonts-installer, full OpenGL support for Nvidia requires the package nvidia-alternative and nvidia-alternative:i386, for full Vulkan support does it require mesa-vulkan-drivers and mesa-vulkan-drivers:i386, and so on.

Hopefully does the news catch on and people produce more Platinum reports, when they realise they can run EVE Online out-of-the-box with WINE 3.20 without needing any winetricks.

Debian 10 “Buster” now provides Wine 3.20 as part of the wine-development packages. So for anyone wanting to give it a try should the following be all they need to do:

dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt update

apt install \
    wine-development \
    wine32-development \
    wine64-development \
    libwine-development \
    libwine-development:i386 \
    fonts-wine \

# For full OpenGL support with Nvidia graphics cards:
apt install \
    nvidia-alternative \

# For full Vulkan support:
apt install \
    mesa-vulkan-drivers \

The Vulkan packages are not actually needed, but it enables full Vulkan support in WINE and so lets one use DXVK in addition. DXVK itself is also available as a package:

apt install \
    dxvk \
    dxvk-wine64-development \

See the manual pages with man dxvk-setup on how to use DXVK under Debian.

Installing EVE with Wine ( Guide )
(Godric Arji) #56

I am on dxvk with wine on Debian Sid and all i did was install wine-devel then used winetricks to install the corefonts and just today installed dxvk via winetricks. Im on Nvidia with DX11 and it runs beautifully. Ive never been so happy.

(Kitten Ripper) #57

I don’t mind you using winetricks to install the corefonts, but please point out to others that they do not need it when they install WINE properly. Many Linux distributions offer additional packages to enable features in WINE including the Microsoft fonts.

For Debian (and derived distros):

apt install fonts-wine ttf-mscorefonts-installer

For Redhat (and derived distros):

yum install msttcorefonts

For ArchLinux (and derived distros):

pacman -S ttf-ms-fonts

For Gentoo:

emerge media-fonts/corefonts

For SuSE:

zypper install fetchmsttfonts

It installs the Microsoft fonts system-wide for all users. The Microsoft fonts can then be used in LibreOffice/OpenOffice, GIMP, etc. and of course WINE. winetricks will only install the fonts into a single WINEPREFIX and one has to reinstall it every time when the prefix changes. Using an official distro package is more efficient and one can forget about winetricks.

(Anderson Geten) #58

I always used winetricks as part of a script, your post makes sense.

BTW 64 version works fine too.

(Meditril) #59

Okay, it’s holiday time and I am trying to install DXVK on my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installation. So even tough it is for Debian I followed Kitten Ripper’s apt packages installation instructions… and it worked nicely up to the point of “apt install dxvk”. The package is not found.
So where can I get the dxvk package for Ubuntu. Unfortunately I was not successful in finding a solution, so I tried for example “sudo add-apt-repository universe” but it did not help. Any ideas?

(Whitehound) #60

I’m surprised that Ubuntu doesn’t offer them. Debian has them. Try adding a Debian repository. Add to /etc/apt/sources.list the following:

# Testing
deb testing main contrib non-free

But be careful with adding new repositories as this one contains all of the Debian packages include core components and you don’t want to start mixing those with your Ubuntu installation. So best you only add it to pick up DXVK and then uncomment the line later.

Also sorry for the late response… it’s the holidays.