[WinIt] Warclone Initiative is recruiting! o7

Originally the Bosena Accords was a small lore corp of a few Warclones making their way through space. Now, I have invested billions into the corp and want to expand our member count as much as we possibly can.

what our goals are?

  • Expand our community/alliance
  • be self sufficient enough to run structures
  • Acquire PvP capable players for war dec. defenses and low sec roams

What we offer?
We want to be able to provide a wide range of career paths for everyone to enjoy, such as:

  • Mining Fleets
  • Buy back programs
  • PvE content fleets
  • Structure Bashing our enemies
  • Industrial projects and goals


  • Be Active enough to not warrant being kicked out.
  • Join the Discord for Communication purposes and to be updated on important information.
  • Don’t cause any unnecessary drama

those of us currently in the corp do a lot of Lore related things in the IGS forums and sometimes will make events out of them if the situation allows it. This isn’t anything required but would be fun to have more involved.

We are based in the Molden Heath Region with plans to move into null sec and our public chat channel is The Accords

just for some clarification, Although we are currently based in MH we operate in the general vicinity of Minmatar space.

We also need more pilots as to keep attackers at bay as I know as soon as I put structures up we’ll get decked by the other locals in the area. after successful defenses counter attacking by destroying their structures is the ultimate goal.

If you’re a Miner you be paid fairly for the ore you mine and gather.

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