Wintercrest - Bringing Order to Industrialists

Wintercrest Industries

We are a new corporation dedicated to breaking out of the traditional, stale mold of Industrial corps. Our members firmly believe that Indy gameplay is not simply going AFK in a tanky ship mining asteroids and ice - it is a multi-faceted and often underestimated aspect of EVE’s core gameplay, and can be deeply engaging with players.

Wintercrest leadership doesn’t believe in the notion that money-making methods should be kept secret and secure. We’re committed to helping newbro pilots and veterans alike establish a solid risk-reward balance in the game, teaching players how to use every second they want to dedicate to the game working their way to higher and higher profit margins.

With daily boosted mining fleets, frequent mission fleets, and a variety of content ranging from training lessons to wormhole harvesting, Wintercrest is not content simply sitting in one system and mining away as we produce tech one items. We promise that every player who joins our ranks will be able to PLEX their way from a Day One Alpha to Omega within a month just by dedicating 1 hour to the game every day - no gimmicks, no tricks, just pure EVE gameplay. Fly with us, learn from us, and soon you will be able to focus on whatever you want, where the only thing holding you back is the time you invest into the game.

Wintercrest is also dedicated to making a more inclusive environment for EVE players. With strict policies against derogatory slurs and hate speech in place, we are confident we don’t have to pretend to be PC police with our members, offering freedom and sensibility in an age where so many are fearful they can’t share their thoughts without getting completely trashed by one side or the other. Non-confrontational conversations, chill vibes, and tons of tools and information for all pilots. That’s the environment we want to foster.

Enough wasting your time in High Sec thinking you’ll never be able to earn enough ISK. Enough waiting for someone to teach you what you want, making you wade through the BS egocentric corp leaders shove on you to achieve their own agendas. No more corp leadership that makes you climb through hoops and ladders to get your ideas heard and your concerns addressed. Get in on the ground floor for a new type of EVE corp - where the corp members are the most important assets.

Contact Vilsgott Hammarpraell or Victoria Amoji for more information! You can also join our public Discord server at - but keep in mind, we do require everyone who joins adhere to our no-derogatory slurs policy.

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