WINTERSUN Mining and Industrial

WINTERSUN [WSUN] is primarily a mining and mission-running corporation. We are a relaxed group of gamers working to carve out a spot in EVE that we can call home. WSUN is rebuilding from the ground-up and we want to form a group of mature gamers that are active and play to have fun first.

We are accepting applications for mining, mission-runners and planetary interaction.
As our numbers grow, we will be looking to step into incursions.
Also, we are looking to grow our PVP division for security and content creation needs.

WSUN has access to moon mining refineries with full-support Orca fleets and a corp buyback program for all ores, minerals, ice and planetary products.

Alpha, omega and returning players are all welcome with no skill minimum required.

If you are interested in learning more about us, feel free to join us in our in-game public chat room: WSUN.

Hi, Mail sent in game.






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