Withdrawing my offer - Delete post WTS 88M+ SP Character,, TITAN,SUPER C, FAX,DREAD,RORQ

I am looking for a new owner;

Info about myself:

  • EveSkillboard - Remaker Shadow) (Password: 111)
  • Can fly big ships
  • Few Jump Clones in Null Sec with 5-10B worth Implants
  • Skins in worth of 10B+. ISK
  • 3 Remaps

All CCP Rules apply:

  • Positive wallet
  • No killrights
  • I am in High Sec
  • in NPC Corp

Starting BID: 70b
Buyout: 80b


I can offer you 55b .

that is under Extraction price, no thanks


156 injector x (634-284 ) = 54,6b .Lets deal at 60b.

No thank you.

Withdrawing offer, please delete my post

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