Close Please


In Game offer. Sale Pending.

Positive Wallet. Located in High Sec. Positive Sec Status. No Jump Clones. Death Clone in High Sec. No kill rights. No kills or losses.

Corp was eve mailed about sale before leaving. 2 remaps. 4 Implants (standard)

Not a perfect rorq pilot, but better than some I have seen. Working on fighter skills so she could eventually carrier rat as well. Extract the fighter skills and move the points elsewhere.

Forgemaster rorqual skin to set you apart, and a snappy little black dress to distract the hot droppers.

Setting buyout at 36b which seems pretty fair overall. Won’t take less than 30b so I guess that is a place to start.

Thank you for your time,


Thank you for responding. I made the b/o at little bit clearer in the posting (36b), and looking for at least 30b.

20 b?

Thanks, but looking for at least 30b.

SP few

In game offer. Sale Pending.

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