WTS 35m focused rorqual pilot!

I am for sale!
Auction closes sometime near the end of this month, or when i get an acceptable offer.

Very little sp waste. In npc corp at time of wrighting this post.
Good standings, no killrights
positive wallet
Located in Highsec

Starting bid: 23b
B/O: 30b

To contact me ingame: Nahir

Please make sure your link is correct. Your description doesn’t match the content of the link.

Ty for the heads up

Bump, Buyout price added

I am thinking of getting the account just need the ISK!

Daily bumper

Yeah, im just skilling up on dread right now. 760 days till i max out on everything on it.

I do need an account thag can use a rorqual or has it maxed out. So i might get this, just need to save up some isk.

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Daily bump

Yeah, eve problems.

buying character as discussed in ingame convo

Confirming offer accepted

Posted on wrong char, but yes offer accepted

Transfering character now.

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