Withdrawn. Sale Cancelled

(Immortal Bitch) #1

Selling me.
Basic Loki pilot.
Has heavy dictor Skills plugged in.
+4 implant clone.
Ready to make ISK.

Positive sec status.
Positive wallet.
I will pay the transfer fee.

7 Billion ISK.


(Avallah) #2

Update eveboard please.
I offer 4b

(Skir Melkan) #3

i’ll go 5b

(Immortal Bitch) #4

Send isk when ready.

(Avallah) #5

I can offer 5,2b if you update eveboard.

(Immortal Bitch) #6

Will have alook now.

(Immortal Bitch) #7

Instead of eveboard…


(Avallah) #8

So sale was cancel?

(system) #9

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