Withdrawn for now

Up… up and away…

Up we go again…

Week is on the right side again …

Slow up till we drop

To the top we are :slight_smile:

4.5b for next 24 hours

Thanks, but i am looking for abit more then you offering.

wrong thread, free bump

I’ll go for 5B will you?

Make it 5.5b and we have a deal.

Meet in the middle at 5.25B ? Deal?

then 5.4b

Lol, this is fun…5.31B

Sorry, i stay at 5.4b

Np then m8, I respect that however I am as stubborn as you unfortunately. I’ll got to 5.325 to make another concession. I can have you isk immediately. Its up to you. Other than that, I wish you the best and withdraw future offers.

Your forgetting… this char has 3x extractors (worth 1b extra) i am giving away on top of an alpha toon.

I will close this auction. remove the extra SP and put it back up for the same price. It is your lose, not mine. Good luck on finding yourself a new toon.

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