Used as a perfect scanner, doubles up as a hauler with good DST skills

Yara Ordo - 22m SP (275k unallocated)
All scanning skills to V
Hacking V
Cybernetics V
Covops V
Caldari Cruiser V with Def and Prop subsystems to V
Cyno V
Industrial V
Amarr Industrial IV - less than 70k from level V
Caldari Industrial V
Transport Ships IV
No kill rights, positive wallet, NPC corp in Jita


21bil B/O

Will be transferring using plex, so it will take however long CCP takes to complete it. Any questions or if I’ve forgotten something shoot.

No longer for sale

12b for Yara Ordo

Insulting low ball but thanks I guess

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Buyout dropped to 21bil

13b bid

14b for Yara Ordo

14.5b for Yara Ordo

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