[WNSKC](UNF-A) Windstalker Security Corp[PVPVE/Exploration/RP lite]

Windstalker Security Corp is currently recruiting aspiring empyreans for various activity ranging from small gang/solo PVP, Exploration, Missions and Anomaly running.

Our operational timezone is primarily US Central(GMT-6), though we are working to build a UK/EU timezone branch, and to eventually expand to Australian and Oceania timezone coverage.

Training and Instruction will be provided to new players as required, and no SP requirements are imposed. Windstalker Security Corp is fairly relaxed in attitude, and trying to expand an active playerbase for larger operations.

Windstalker Security Corp are under a small Alliance called the United Neopian Federation, which includes us, Wolf Brothers INC, and a third ‘News’ corp.

What We Provide
Stable base of operation
Ready access to lowsec/NPC Null
semi-Consistently scheduled roams
Voice and out of game Comms through Discord
Regularly active leadership(in game, or on comms, depending on TZ)
Open Door Policy for questions and concerns
Real Life First outlook(we understand that real life is more important than internet spaceships)

What We’re Looking For
New players and Bittervets alike
Mission Runners
Individuals with an open mind

Still actively recruiting.

Recruitment still open.

Recruitment still open, come fly with us :slight_smile:

Still recruiting for combat pilots, missioneers, incursioners, and roleplayers.

Still recruiting pvp pilots, incursion runners, roleplayers, and now explorers.

Recruitment still open, come and join us!

Im new to the game but really loving it. Would love a corp I can learn the ins and outs with. Im in Tennessee and like the central time zone part. currently mining…you guys do any of that? Im open for anything. wanna learn it all.

For the most part we do PVP, PVE, and Exploration(moreso the latter two,) gameplay and differ most Mining and Industrial activity to our allies over in Wolf Brothers INC, but next I’m available ingame, I’ll gladly talk to you about how we could get you set up, or if you’re ingame now I can converse with you through ingame mail as I’m at work on nightshift.

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

Recruiting explorers, mission runners, combat pilots, and roleplayers

Recruitment still open.

Recruitment still open for roleplayers, explorers, mission runners, and pvp pilots

Recruitment still open

Recruitment open for PVPers, Mission Runners, Explorers, and roleplayers.

Newbros and Veterans welcome

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open, come and join us

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open, looking for US and EU TZ combat ad exploration pilots. Roleplayers welcome.