Wolf Brothers INC is recruiting

Wolf Brothers INC is recruiting Miners, Explorers, PVPers and Mission Runners.

What We’re Looking For
Pilots of any experience level or ship capability, whether it be mining frigates and small t1 Scanner Ships, or Exhumers, Expedition Frigates, and SOE ships.
Open minded Individuals
Role players (not a requirement)

What We Provide
Regularly Active Leadership(In game, or on coms)
Growing player base
Discord Server for ease of communication
Basic Ship Replacement
Semi-regular mining burst support
Buyback Program(Ore, Ice, PI, and Salvage)
Stable Location
Relaxed environment focused on building a community, flying the Friendship with our allies, and carving our own little story into the tapestry that is EVE Online
Open Door Policy (if you have questions, or concerns, they can be brought directly to someone in a leadership position without fear of repercussion)

18+ Age Requirement
An Open Mind

If you are interested, send a mail in game or fill out or membership form to Sakein or Lauralite Anne Brezia, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you have questions up front, ask them here in this thread.

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