Workers on Strike! in Jita Market

It’s back…

"Workers on Strike! The underpaid workers in the market are not keeping up with the influx of new orders.

Please wait a while and try again."


Excuse me?


They always seem to strike on patch days.

I’m thankful my boot.ini is not striking as well.

I think all miners and indys should strike. No mining or production anywhere and watch the market crash.

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- And while the sheeps followed the “smart” advice of some random dude on the forums, those that continued mining enjoyed the best prices in ever, soon to be followed by the sheeps that understood they were lured away from the belts and lost a good deal of ISK.

- But papa, what’s the morale behind your story ? Asked the children

- Never trust someone from the forums, and always, always underpaid your market workers.

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Intergalactic Right To Work

Space communism


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