Workhorse Manufacureing

Are you New to the game? Maybe looking to expand your horizons or try something new?

Well here at Workhorse Manu. we are looking for pilots of all shapes, Sizes and skill level!

Currently were in Nul-sec Part of the Dacian Armada Alliance. Small but tight knit group, The corp itself started off as a bunch of friends but were expanding to bring in fresh blood into a friendly environment to do some new stuff.

Looking for
Exploration, Mission Running, Piracy, Small-Scale Gangs, Trade, Mining, Research, Manufacturing, New-Pilot Friendly


  • Minimum Skill Points Requirement: Day 1 players willing to learn and help!
  • Willing to train into Some combat ships, Nothing major at first
  • Mature players, Practice push to talk and grow up!
  • Least weekly activity, We understand RL takes priority

What do we offer?

  • Lots of chances of PvP being in null sec, From corp to alliance to region allies. There is always fleets up for something.
    -Access to null sec. if you like to mine, build, or Shoot, Null sec has it all (All the time!)
    -Alliance Comms (Mumble)

Join the in-game Channel " Workhorse Public" to speak to a recruiter today!

Meow, Bump! um, Still looking? Lots of fun out here!

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