Wormhole Corp - Recruiting active PvP small gang pilots

Welcome to Volantean Nation

We are a wormhole corporation currently recruiting new members to join our forces in EU and US time zones.

We offer:

  • Training, support and advice to all players, new and returning vets.

  • Small gang pvp roams,

  • Industry,

  • Loot, Ore and Unwanted Item buyback.

  • Discord Server for Comms,

  • In-corp Games, Competitions and Events.

Our Requirements:

  • Sense of humour is a must.

  • Must be active, in-game and on Discord.

  • Must have completed Tutorial and all Career Agents.

  • Omega pilots only (due to the nature of wormhole living).

For more info or to declare your interest, join Volantean Nation Recruitment (in-game channel) or message me (LJ Quantum) here or in-game.


Active pilots encouraged to apply today!

Looking for active new members interested in the wormhole life.

Yep, we are still recruiting. Contact us today.

Still looking for more members to add to our growing ranks.

Bump for good measure

Bump, great copr fun people rapidly expanding, get in early before your just a number.

Join us today. Recruitment still open for active pilots.

Hey don’t make me bump you out of my way here…

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