Wormhole EOL/Mass Crit Audio gone

The wormhole no longer makes this sound effect: https://soundcloud.com/metayahmes/gregorian-chant when it is EOL or destab/mass critical.

While it might not seem important, it’s a very very useful thing to know if the wormhole is destab/crit when being rolled and it also allows you to tell if the hole has been used or if it’s near the end of it’s life.

I can post screenshots confirming my audio settings are not changed in any way, they’ve been the same. Several corpmates have confirmed the sound is no longer there.

Help? It’s really important to those of us in wormholes to have this audio cue.

I rolled wormholes yesterday and the sound was there.
Also, that is the mass destab/crit sound. EOL does not have sound associated with, only the visual higher frequency waves.

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