Team Talos - Can you revisit Wormhole effects?

I like the change to wormhole graphics on the ‘Ooh, its shiny’ side, and it’s nice that someone was paying enough attention to them to do something with them.

The effect for jumping ships is great. Being able to see multiple jumps is nice in j-space. The wormholes do look pretty, too.

However nice and pretty it is, it needs some TLC. The new holes can’t be stage- or size- judged. The wobbles don’t change, and while the hole does visibly shrink, that is only useful with a reference. Some part of that animation should be the exact same while the other bits change. Also, the jump animations… need more ‘pop’ so it’s noticeable.

Also… the new sounds. They sound like some old sounds pulled from the 70’s star-trek or the under-budget babylon-5. It’s also nerve-grating after a short while with a scout watching it. Also the new jumping sound … it’s not discernible from the rest of the ambient noise, most certainly not the ear-shattering loud ambient that is there now.

Honestly I didn’t see anything wrong with the sounds that we had before, though i won’t mind new sounds. Whoever does the new sounds needs to first sit with it playing for several hours in one sitting without wanting to punch someone in the ear. And they should also intermittently have the ‘jump’ sound play and hit a button in response to see if they even noticed. That would be a good way to ensure it sounds good while still having its utility. Sounds without purpose are just… meh.

Don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but you used to be able to hear the jump noise even when fully jumped out. That’s no longer the case, and you have to be zoomed all the way in in order to actually hear the fire. Which contributes to…


I did learn that the ambient is finally separated from other effects for sounds on wormholes since the change. So I can turn off ambient and actually hear the wormhole fire.
So my ears aren’t bleeding when I zoom in now. Do miss the “chant of bob” but meh, is what it is.

The jumping effect is useful up close, could use more visibility when zoomed out a bit more.
And the lack of ability to see the stage of the hole is still there – I think the wobbles are still there for EOL but they’re definitely not as noticeable for the few I’ve caught.

Used to be … like jello dancing. Slow dance, you got a while, but if its jiggling like you fed it meth and sent to the dancefloor it was close to popping.

Seems now it’s mostly just slow dance on the two I’ve seen that were EOL.

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