Is there an animation when a wormhole decays?

I’ve never seen it, but does there exist an animation for when you’re next to a wormhole when it decays? Or does the wormhole just… “pop”, gone?

There is a small animation for the closure as well as for each state-change that the wormhole goes through before closing.
By the time you see the closure animation, it’s already too late to jump through though.

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In fact it’s not much more than a one second blurp. And a text asking if you were trapped.
Not really a show, but if you are used to roll whs, it’s very ok.

But you can see it wobbling when it’s EOL (end of lifetime).

There’s an animation and a sound. Both last about 1-2 seconds.

In my experience though, if you’re the cause of the WH collapsing (jumping high mass through and rolling it) you can miss the animation/sound since you’re still loading the system, you need an alt on grid to see/hear it.

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