Wormhole Eviction Notice --- Stay Feral

Ladies and prostates,

as my previous enemy resorted to threats (I wont mention which kind), I am hereby looking for people willing to do some dirty work…

Wormhole eviction

Target alliance: Stay Feral (these fekkers never learn)
Duration of contract: until there is nothing left in the wormhole, everything has to go…

Payment: hidden, but I think you will be happy with my offered amount :slight_smile:

Rules: All participants will be blue to one another till the end of the contract. Covert ops pilots that will be doing the scanning and probing will be paid accordingly until there is nothing left in the wormhole, just ashes and space dust… :smiley:

All hired scouts will be external from my end.

@Stay Feral: if you want the hunt to stop, I want 25b and Doughboy61 steps down and joins my corp as a miner for 90 days. A venture with lasers will be provided, after all, we are not feral and wild, but civilized, yet evil businessmen :slight_smile:

I am not a vile, greedy creature and herewith I forgo the 25b ransom, which is going to be divided to the participants of the liberation of your wormhole.

Good day.

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How about you suck my balls and you moronic null sec fools stay out of wh space.


Also, post the threats or they didn’t happen? The truth is, you, for some reason have been following us around for month, all pissy cause we lived in your krabbing hole. It’s empty now so go krab in peace.

For those wondering this dudes been trying to pay his way to a victory since summer. He also never paid any of the prior mercs and I suspect he won’t pay you either.

The “threats” he’s talking about is me telling him if he anchors a structure I’m coming for it because he refuses to stop running his mouth and trying to pay for a pvp victory.

This dudes going to be setting up structures in syndicate in the pocket that starts in 0t-amz. Lots of undefended azbels and ■■■■. I’ll be coming to burn them down :heart:

Bro :joy: what is your obsession with us? I’m genuinely curious at this point, was this really over a gnosis and cyclone? Because damn, this is commitment.

Is this really all because of a cyclone and a gnosis? or because you couldn’t rat in the 0T- pocket? after reading your fantasy delusions in the other thread filled with wild baseless claims; I really have to wonder what your fixation is?

He’s nuts that’s all we needed to know or he is that dad of some kid tyring to play eve that has been ganked by you either one still makes them nuts

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need more people

Wormhole has been found, located, infiltrated. Now that we have some players willing to do the job, here we go again:

Contract is up!!!
Target alliance(s): Stay Feral
Strength of target: Weak
Region: n/a
Pocket: Stay Feral WH
Duration of Contract: 20.12.2022. - 20.01.2023.

Kill Map
Frigate hull (T1): 200k
Frigate hull (T2/faction): 7m

Destroyer hull (T1): 300k
Destroyer hull (T2): 7m
Destroyer hull (T3): 10m

Cruiser hull (T1): 3m
Cruiser hull (T2): 10m
Cruiser hull (T3/faction): 25m

Battlecruiser hull (T1): 20m
Battlecruiser hull (T2/faction): 35m

Battleship hull (T1): 40m
Battleship hull (T2): 60m

Industrial/Hauler subcap (T1): 5m
Industrial/Hauler subcap (T2): 25m
Industrial/Hauler big boats: 125m

Caps: 333m each

Structures: 500m each
POCOs: 25m each

Loot: what you pop is yours to keep :slight_smile:

**** BONUS ****:
Target alliance: Cursed Battalion
Location: Syndicate, Constellation 6-V49K

Structures: 500m each
POCOs: 25m each

Whoever just goes apeshit and torches the place to the ground, 5b bonus if you do it before the date expires.

bro what is your obsession with us? we blew up your gnosis and you are like stuck with this eviction crap. feel like if you want to evict is you should just do it yourself instead of trying to pay people to do it for you even though you can’t afford to pay out the bounty.

[Citation need]

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Hey, Friendly neighborhood Pilot here, and I just wanted to say im glad that you spend time thinking about us, It really is flattering.

This sounds fun, can I join, I’m not good at pvp but these monkeys and their mob mentality makes me want to punch them in the face.

Did we touch you somewhere you didn’t like?