Wormhole Gauntlet Event - September 9th

Join JOVCO for the Wormhole Gauntlet Event!

Date: September 9th
Time: 7PM eve time (Stream starts at 6PM)
Location: Somewhere in Wormhole Space (Jita surroundings)

Attention, all brave capsuleers! We are thrilled to announce the upcoming event organized by the JOVCO which we call the Wormhole Gauntlet.

Prior to when the event starts on September 9th, JOVCO will seek out and scan a Wormhole in the vicinity of Jita. We will make a Public Bookmark folder available to anyone who wants to join and add to it bookmarks for all neighbouring Wormholes as well as Cosmic Signatures in the target system. We will also provide a basic map of the wormhole chain to help you navigate.

For the event, JOVCO will form an entertaining yet engageable fleet. We will be met on the field of battle by F.A.R.T NPSI community, and the fight will be streamed live on OneCrazyMonkeh’s Twitch channel. To make this event even more memorable, we encourage all interested parties to call your friends and form your own fleets to fight as well. For anyone who doesn’t have friends to join, please come solo, feel free to ask for others to join on our discord, or look around for NPSI fleets that might decide to join the event.

The Gauntlet will be a full free-for-all battlefield spread across a small and accessible wormhole chain.

That is not all! We have some surprises in store for those who come to challenge us. Fun prizes will be awarded to the bravest and most heroic fighters on this day, and we are honoured to announce that special guests from CCP will be joining us for this event!

Some practical information:

As stated above, we will scan and prepare the chain on the day in question. For everyone who is familiar with wormholes you will know they can be fleeting, and you never quite know what kind of chain you are going to get. For this reason, a lot of information has to be released last-minute. It’s crucial you keep up with information on our discord and in the in-game channel ‘Wormhole Gauntlet’ on the day of the event.

You will be able to see our fleet on the livestream of OneCrazyMonkeh before the event starts. Chances are you can decide what you want to bring to the fight based on that information.

We want this to be a fun brawl, so while there are no rules, please consider bringing a fair fight. This isn’t just our fleet vs everyone, but rather an event where everyone fights everyone trying to have tremendous fun in the process.

We would also very much appreciate if you kept wormhole mass considerations in mind for your fleets. Like I said though, no real rules and the priority is fun! If Bob provides, we will find a chain with multiple entrances to make this easier on everyone, but there’s no guarantee.

For more information and updates, join our in-game channel ‘Wormhole Gauntlet’ and follow info on the MOTD or visit us on our Discord. We look forward to seeing you in wormhole space!

JOVCO Discord - https://discord.com/invite/JBFtYT7

OCM Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/onecrazymonkeh

In-game channel - ‘Wormhole Gauntlet’

Fly safe!


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Bump! Will be a good time!

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I’ll be there! o7

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Came, shot some things and whelped our fleet.
10/10 would welp again

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