Wormholes x Lowsec

Where do you guys think is it more dangerous to mine or explore, WH or Lowsec? i think WH space is safer because you always need to be with situational awareness, in Lowsec i think the local chat can be a misleadful awareness tool, as example if you note that are little players on the system you may put your guard down and become more vulnerable.

I would say WH.

Because there is no local, and some ships do not show in DSCAN. So you never know when somebody might just decloak right next to you and say… “HI o/”

With Lowsec, You will always see if somebody comes into local.


Wormholes are easily more dangerous as there is no local and if someone is running a cloak they won’t appear on DScan with lowsec you will always now if someone is in system and should still Dscan with some frequency

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