Wormholes are safer

I’ve been doing exploring for few months and what I experienced is that wormholes are safer than low or null
It’s true that in wormholes don’t have local so you don’t know who is in the system and yes all the bubble
But on my way for exploration I’ve never been getting into any bubble plus most of my WH are empty or I rarely get ganked
And after my run I can use the wormholes to get a safe trip back to the highsec and sell all the loots
But for the low sec and null I often ran to a gate camp or hardly to fine a system that there’s no one in it
And yes the waiting for people to leave the system is harsh while in wormholes I could just easily get to the next holes, hacking and then return to the previous hole
I found it so safe in wormholes than know space

I agree, but usually high times is like the weekends, especially Sundays is the time I avoid wormhole activities. Plus switching it up and doing some low sec DED sites is always nice.
I run 2 accounts so basically if you have a cloaky scout on the gate of a DED complex, you can’t get jumped. I dive into PI now and again also, which is profitable and fairly passive income. The concentrations on the planets in wh’s, especially 4 and up are rediculous.

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When the quietness of W-space is its only safety feature, it doesn’t say very much.

Secondly, if your citadel is attacked, you lose everything. There is no asset safety.

Gatecamps can be a problem but you can avoid 80% of them through the http://eve-gatecheck.space/eve/ site.

And I haven’t even mentioned locked down space in 0.0.

0.0 and Lowsec – just dock up any time something comes into local. Actually impossible to die unless you’re stupid enough to be in siege mode.

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The problem with exploring in wormholes is that there’s literally nothing you can do to avoid a gank if a hunter is waiting for you in the system. He’ll have all the sites scanned down and will be sitting cloaked on a perch until he warps on top of you and then you’re cooked.

In nullsec, you can just cloak up if somebody is in system with you. I hunt in wormhole space and explore in nullsec (and get back and forth through wormholes). However, if you must explore in wormhole space, use the cheapest ship you can fly.


Nullified/cloaks legion travel fit is pretty much impossible to catch in null. Plus you have local. That’s the safest form of exploration.

After nearly a year in WH space. I find Low Sec and Null Sec ridiculously safe. The paranoia from WH life makes Low and Null a pleasant jaunt.

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I know, you gotta wonder what trick the OP is trying to pull.

The paranoia is interesting tho. If you don’t mind feeling unsafe all the time, W-space is like a new game and that alone makes it worth trying.

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I get what you mean Lunar, but this is the same broken thinking people display when they say that ‘high sec is more dangerous than null’ (and they persist dispite the fact that the chance of dying is sooo much higher in null because of the smaller population, and they also ignore how null doesn’t have automated anti-pvp defense mechanisms like high sec does).

Wormholes ‘feel’ safer because its mostly empty AND generally hard to get to so most players don’t bother (wormhole space is always constantly the rock bottom least populated space every time CCP published numbers about where characters spend their time). Likewise high sec ‘feels’ more dangerous because local doesn’t help you be safe.

The fact that you have such a free hand means that wormhole space is SO MUCH MORE dangerous and inconvenient that K space that it’s mostly empty.

related to the above:


“Go where you think it’s unsafe and you’ll probably make a better choice,” says Professor William Lucy, a University of Virginia professor, who recently completed a study of urban and suburban safety.

Flying in wormhole space you are taking precautions. People who fly around in high sec (where you are ‘supposed to be safe’) aren’t. you can’t be taken by surprise, they can and when they are, it bursts their bubble in a way that you don’t experience in W space.

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Definitely from time spent there I can see that locals were less able to catch me than for example lowsec pirates. Maybe its just that majority dont get much practise.

… but is w-space dangerous, when everyone is cloaked and afk?

Think about it!


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But it mostly empty and no gate camp

There’s plenty of WH camping. You’ve got a bit more chance of jumping back but there’s no equivalent of http://eve-gatecheck.space/eve/ .

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