Wormholes and nullsec

Hey! New alpha here. I currently have 2 characters, my main character, which I use for exploration. I’m also currently doing the SOE epic arc. My 2nd character is a brand new hauling alt. I want to use my 3rd alt for some nullsec and wormhole activities. I know that mining in nullsec can be lucrative and exciting but I don’t know what I can do in wormholes. Could you guys please give some ideas?

Exploration in Wormholes can bring you tons of isk. It is a dangerous activity and you should read up on various sites found in wormholes before diving in. But risk is well worth it.

Is exploration in wormholes similar to k-space with data, relic and combat sites?

Sites differ slightly, but it is comparable with null sec exploration with some stuff unique to Wormholes.
Meaning, really tough rats, possible cloaked players lurking around, all kinds of fun :upside_down_face:
As for the sites them self, like I said, best read up on them first on https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Category:Wormhole_sites, so you know what to expect.
There is always a workaround to get past the rats and other dangers which depends soly on your skill and ingenuity.

If you get the right ships and a few friends together. The base loot and salvage from sleeper sites are very nice and profitable. Quite fun too. :slight_smile:

Some weeks ago I would have said gas mining, but the prices are falling atm. There’s also nice ore in wormholes.
But all these activities are much safer when in a corp with an own cita in a decent wormhole.

What’s a cita ?

Citadel, a station built by players. Must be maintained and can be destroyed by players.
There’s no “regular” NPC structures in Wormholes besides the very special WH Thera.

Further info: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Upwell_structures

There are two types of exploration sites in wh. Pirate sites and sleeper sites. Low end wh have pirate sites for exploration. These sites do not have rats. Oth the regular sleeper sites have sleeper rats and I understand are not worth doing.

As for mining in a wh, its probably not a good idea, unless you are gas mining. Using a barge for regular ore would require alot of effort.

Ratting in wh’s is where the isk is. If it interests you - there is plenty of stuff on interweb talking about it.

3 Dreads ratting c5/c6 4h = 10B, seems legit…

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