Worst merc corp out there

Just curious as to who people think the worst merc or ( want to be called a merc ) corp out there.
No i havent been decced - no i didnt lose a ship and no i dont think this should be a pve only game or no wars in hisec etc etc.
Just seen alot of whining about “mercs” who are scared to pvp or only bash for the cores, so figured i would ask :stuck_out_tongue:

Not the right place to ask, but If i had to choose, the worst merc corps out there are the merc corps that dont exist anymore.

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well yeah because a core sells for like 800 million on the small stations

So if cores didnt drop at all,like 0% chance to drop would people put up more structures ? Would the mercs still attack them ?
Imagine if structures only dropped stuff that the decced corp had in there. Everyone non war decced stuff went to asset safety. I think CCP really stuffed war mechanics. Why couldnt they leave it where everyone except npc could be decced whether they held structures or not. Roll back 10 yrs CCP