Would mass considerations for cynos change anything

Was just going over an old BLOPS setup we used featuring a bridging redeemer with a viator in tow for extra fuel. Another motivation was a thought on how caps currently enter grid nearly instantly without counterplay options besides shooting the cyno before jumps/bridges are initiated.

The inital idea would be that the exit cyno would also require fuel to keep the cyno alive, and require a small amount of fuel depending on the mass of the ship jumping (and insufficient fuel would cause the cyno to enter like non-functional beacon-only-mode)

Since regular cynos can now only be fit to select ships, and haulers are not among those, I want to ask about potential consequences of such a measure, taking inspiration from wormhole encounters, where you do see smaller ships to support your FAX/Dreads out of necessity, the connection doesn’t allow for more to come through.

While arbitrary, as nothing would prevent 20 pilgrims from lighting 20 cynos to call in 20 titans or alternatively having the cyno pull extra fuel from a hauler or a can in space, I am wondering if that would do any good to the k-space meta, where a single cyno being lit neither indicates a specific maximum number of ships entering at once, nor any limit on who eventually drops out on your end exist bar the offensive fleet’s numbers.

A gang of supers without notable escort can be denied gate travel by a handful of dictor pilots, small groups without a notable cap fleet however will, in case of a contest, be inevitably dominated by a stronger force still, one super doesn’t “win” against ten. But a bunch of caps with an escort fleet marching towards your system is a different beast than “suddenly cyno, suddenly supers” entirely.

Your thoughts on that topic would be appreciated.

…isn’t this already possible with the current cynos?

Yes. That’s the point. I was asking for guesses if a mass limit on the exit point, like delays or a super/titan depleting the currently active cyno would have any positive effect on fights.

I mean, if you want any actual worthwhile discussion, you’re gonna have to give us some numbers.

What kind of “mass limit” are you looking for?

Are you planning on limiting it to 5 battleship’s worth of mass? or 10 Supercarrier’s worth of mass? or something in between.

More importantly, if you want any actual discussion on this, you’re gonna need an answer to the obvious follow up question of “why that particular, arbitrary, mass limit?”

For an assumption and to show relations:
1 Liquid Ozone consumed for every 1000t of mass

Then a cargo expanded pilgrim holding around 3800 units of liquid ozone would be able to bridge in:

  • one titan (2500 units needed) or two supers (1800 units) and refill without depleting
  • two dreads or carriers (1300 units), or four battlerorqs (3200 units) and refill
  • bridge roughly 35 Battleships and refill
  • bridge roughly 300 eagles or muninns and refill

To bridge in super by super without depleting the cyno, you’d require 750m3 of Ozone, already demanding fitting sacrifices.

Alternatively you just have the minimum amount of Ozone to activate the cyno and once the fabled gank Hel drops by the cyno is done for, the backup Faxes require a new cyno.

That for ballpark number for a discussion. I won’t insist that this is the exact required number, but rather would like to discuss a limitation on how much you can bridge/jump at once.

It makes for an interesting change. I think you would have to look at the cyno modules activation timer in conjunction. Having it both use fuel to limit mass jump and also have a large timer (5 minutes for a force recon) is a bit harsh.

so… why?

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