Wouldn't "Setting warp vector" be more appropriate than "Establishing warp vector"?

First of all, I’m not fluent in English yet, so I’d like to get an answer to why establish.
I looked up establish in the dictionary, but couldn’t find the meaning of preparing something.
So I think “Setting warp vector” is the right expression, but I’m not sure, so I’m posting on the forum.

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@jackfrost5446 They could’ve used “Setting Warp Vector” but they wanted to convey more than what the verb to set does. The verb to establish is a stronger way to say set in this context. It conveys the idea of a deeper, more precise, more complicated mechanism while to set is more of a generic verb for numerous usage like “setting the table”, “setting your watch”…

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they have different meanings in this case .
set meaning to designate a direction (vector) .
establish to be aligned with that vector .


The way I think of it, setting is the input of the command which causes the engine to establish the spatial conditions necessary to make the warp actually happen.

@Nienna_Nannie @Buggs_LeRoach @Qia_Kare

I didn’t see an explanation with the meaning of preparing something in the ‘British English Dictionary’.

However, in the ‘American English Dictionary’ of the link above, there is ‘set up’ as a synonym for explanation 1 as a comment.
Maybe this is what it means, is it correct?
And I’m sorry for mention.
I don’t know if just adding a post to the forum will alert you, so I use the mention feature.

If you need an official definition that fits, this is the one from your first dictionary link:

​ establish something to start having a relationship, especially a formal one, with another person, group or country

  • to establish relations/links/contacts/connections
  • The school is trying to establish a relationship with the local community.

You are creating a link or connection between where you are, and where you want to be.

You can also use ‘set’ in the same way and it would be understood. You ‘set’ the destination, and then the establishment of the warp connection that will happen later is implied.

Bottom line, though, is that words have fluid meaning. They mean whatever the speaker and listener can agree on, and we will take into account any context at the time they’re spoken or used. Had the creators of Eve decided to use ‘set’ instead of ‘establish’ it would still be understood what they meant.

The reason they chose ‘establish’ probably has more to do with connotation (the context in which a word is used) than denotation (the literal definition of the word). ‘Establish’ sounds cooler, more sophisticated and more sci-fi than ‘set’. Set is used all the time in everyday things. We say we set our alarm clocks, and set up our game consoles. We could say we ‘establish our time of awakening’ or ‘establish our console operating parameters’, and it means basically the same thing, but it sounds overblown for what it is we’re doing. Neither way is wrong, but one way has a vastly different feel from the other. One is ordinary, the other is extraordinary and likely to raise an eyebrow even if people know exactly what it means.

If you’re having trouble, don’t worry. Language is hard. Computers do poorly with it because it is inexact and it takes quite a bit of our human nature and experience to extract from a bunch of noises or squiggles strung together what’s going on inside another person’s mind. The literal meanings of words in the dictionary are just a starting point.

What does the dictionary say about “warp vector”? We must not neglect the object.

Hellooo forum😀
@jackfrost5446 Nothing better than to practice a language you’re learning while asking questions about and in that language.

Hope that helps.

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Aha, I got it!
Thank you so much!
I’ve been thinking about this a lot.
And thank you to everyone else too!

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when you select a warp destination , you will see a line from the center of your ship , to your warp target . that’s setting your warp vector , even if you’re motionless and pointed in another direction .

you must effect that your ship is aligned along that vector , by further input on controls .

they’re not interchangeable , nor implied .

like your alarm clock analogy , mines set for 7 am .
it didn’t go off today , because i didnt establish it was turned on .
day off !! \o/

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