Wraithguard is recruiting

Wraithguard is a tight-knit group of PVP & PVE players, with the core group of pilots flying together since 2011. Currently we live up North, in Geminate, and operate as part of Sons of Bane Alliance and the Winter Coalition. Which means enjoying:

  • well established industrial and manufacturing infrastructure, home market hub, access to structures and the jump bridge network
  • plenty of opportunities to fleet up and enjoy PVP on corp / alliance / coalition level

What we want from you:

  • To be chill and respect your fellow corp and alliance mates
  • To be able to fly alliance ship fits and actively training coalition fits
  • To register all in game characters with alliance and coalition IT services
  • To participate in alliance & coalition PVP & PVE fleets when possible
  • To have fun. If it’s not fun we ain’t doing it right

If this sounds like something you want to try, come talk to us at in-game channel “WrG Ship Wreck” or send our recruiter an email: atalanti or Skelee VI



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What are your minimum reqs if any? Got a discord handy?

send me a mail in game and can discuss or join “WrG Ship Wreck”

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good dudes, I recommend

Great fun to be had. Come join us


Had a very fun day. come join us

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Fun night with the crew shooting goons.
Come join in the fun


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Bumpage. Check us out


still recruiting join the fun

We are busy shooting.

Come join the fun

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Killboard looking good, come join

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