0.0 Alliance looking for new corps indy and small gang needed "Curse Region"

The Wraithguard Alliance is looking for EU and US PVP Corporations to join us in Curse NPC space. Our Alliance goals are to strengthen our EU time zone and bolster our US time zones. We are primarily a PVP Alliance with no desire to attain our own SOV space. We are looking for Corporations that have at least 5-25 active players during the EU time zones and will be an active Alliance member.
Our Alliance is situated in a busy main pipe into other NULL sec and NPC constellations. We are a very relaxed and casual Alliance and play EVE just to enjoy the game however we do take PVP seriously (most of the time).
We have no desire to micro manage your Corp. We want self-sufficient Corporations that can manage themselves during the EU and U.S. time. We have one of the best markets in our area and logistics into our Constellation. And more US Corps to bolster our numbers in the US TZ

We are a PVP Alliance. We are also looking into expanding our industrial wing.

If you think your Corporation would be a good fit in our Alliance or you would like more information, please join the public channel.

Public Channel: WrG Ship Wreck or

In game mail- SCoftheWRG

The Wraithguard Alliance

#pvp #null-sec

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Night time post ooooo ya, BRING THE CURSE BACK TO CURSE

Seriously Elo has a man crush on me. Telling minions to say hi to me and everything. I think it is cute.

I’m sexy and I know it.

Still a good bit slow but we are still here causing havoc and still recruiting!! Hell yes…

Was a damn fun roam last night, got in a fight with brave and whooping butt but then we got blobbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeed

Sometimes you lose sometimes you win, well last night was a lose lose. Fought on their terms and lost. Next Time!!

Slowly but surely more and more are logging on, hot damn!!!

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open

Recruitment Still Open…

Good fights last night and more to come

Recruitment still open :fedo:

Recruitment still open :fedo::fedo::fedo: woof woof

Been a good week so far, some good roams, some great drops and some great camping. We are back baby!!:sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::sparkler::sparkler:

Recruitment is still on-going!!:sparkler::sparkler:

We are still alive, a little slow but still kicking and looking for active members :sparkler::sparkler:

Recruitment Still Open

Recruitment is still open

Good Times to be had recruitment is still open…