0.0 Alliance looking for new corps indy and small gang needed "Curse Region"

Been picking up a good bit, good size fleets and activity, come out and join us.

One old corp has come to the alliance now for some new blood as well.

Good Times to be had recruitment is still openā€¦

Recruitment Still open folks come join us and get dropped on by pl lolz

Recruitment open good busy nights, good activity on comms and fleetsā€¦

One way or another if your coming to catch, scalding pass, wicked creek. You have to come through curse at sometime and that sometime you will encounter us one day or anotherā€¦

Pew pew to be had every eveningā€¦ Come get in on the kills!!

Recruitment still open!!!

Little slow last night, but hey everyone has a slow day. :sunglasses:

Slow weekend due to rl for us, but we back at it strong tonight. Pew Pewā€¦

Good gate camp the a few good drops last night, we can switch our game style at a flick of boredomā€¦

Recruitment still open!!!

Versatility is our name!!!

It is what it is, and you get what you get with usā€¦

Go some friends that going to tag along for a lil while, more pew pew to comeā€¦

Roaming it tonight letting the turkey settle down!!!

Recruitment Still Openā€¦

Recruitment is open again come check us out now. Come Grow with us!!

Come join us. Word is someone is looking to kick us out of Curseā€¦ lol

Curse is the place to beā€¦

We are looking for pvp, pve, industry. Come bring your corp help us further our hold in the Curse region.