0.0 Alliance looking for new corps indy and small gang needed "Curse Region"

We shoot all, very few blues…

Come get in the fun, you missed out on last night’s fights.

One new corp applied tonight

Recruitment still on going

Well Christmas will suck for my family no presents but the bills are paid for this month, but rent is due on the first. Meh

Come Join Us Recruitment is still open…

Recruitment is open still. Two new corps and and bunch of new bros.

Recruitment is still open, lots of pvp to be had. Also looking for a couple indy corps who want of make a good bit of isk.
We have great moons to mine and tons of pi also need someone to build for us.

Still looking for more corps to join us.

Still looking for more corps to come join us.

Two new corps and one new one possibly on the way. Come check us out.

Well the one corp flaked out on us. Wussies!!! Some people just cant handle npc 0.0. They want their super umbrella.

Still looking for corps to come out and join us.

What good night, some great pew pew was had. Many many opportunities to make isk for indy corp and good pvp for you small gang pvp corps.

Come out folks, good moons to mine, full market, srp for pvp fleets and ships for fleet ops

Good fun to be had , some great blops fleets and good bs fights.

Many many ways for corps to make isk, pvp can be found two jumps away and much more.

Recruitment open still. Come out and experience small gang pvp or become our first industrial corp.

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