USTZ player looking to get back

Its being a long while, I’m looking for a way to get back, currently only as a non omega player, and looking to see if I can get in some fund generate funds and just do new things, I’m not against indy, not against wh and and anything, just peek my interest and allow me to make money while having fun. Not sure if required, but i have over 50 million sp, and should be able to fly almost all things.

If you are looking for kills and content. FW space is the best place to be. We also have industry set up.

Hello there,

If you feel like playing in WH again, here is some information about us. Feel free to drop in our discord if interested !

you are welcome with us :grinning:

Morning my man, if you’re looking for an area to chill and have content, we just moved in to Provi with some fun folks, could use a hand over here if you’re willing, feel to drop by the ad and click on the link if you’re free for voice some time and we can chat.

Non omega is fine too, we have a lot of income capacity where we are, so we can solve that fairly quickly.

Come check out the Miners latest adventure. Be sure to check out the videos in the recruitment link!

Faction warfare is where you need to be, regardless of which group!

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