Wrecks and Bounty Changes Null Sec

Make all null sec wrecks blue and tractorable by any player not just corporation or fleet members.

Change Bounties to include tags and/or LP chips along with isk bounties.

Most players do use MTUs but these two changes would give anyone that can run off, hold grid or otherwise compete with wreck owners for a portion of the value of anoms. Anyone going from anom to anom and just leaving an MTU and bookmarking it would run the risk of someone coming in through scanning or otherwise, dropping their own MTUs to compete with the owners and stealing a portion of the loot themselves.

This then creates a scenario where both have assets still in space to attack and creates a neutral environment on the grid. Promoting thieving and stealing of isk value in the process. This gives cloaky campers or even roaming gangs or solo pilots a way of gaining something at an anom runners expense. It forces conflict as an undefended enemy MTU can be destroyed but if not defended it allows the aggressors to obtain value from the field like a ninja looter simply by being able to hold grid for some period of time. It adds risk to those running anoms and forces some extra time, alts or other corporation members while running anoms.

The other issue is the destruction of isk value if the thieves get blown up after stealing on the way home, or destroying assets under logistical movements to high sec to trade in the tags/LP chips. Giving multiple methods and chances to destroy value in the process.

These tags/LP could be as simple as the ESS bounty chips or a brand new unique item.

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