Change null anomaly Bounties to Effects

Like the title says. Increase site value slightly to compensate for the active players. Dropped effects volume should be low but still an amount that would eventually require an actual hauler (not a sub2 inty sry) to move large amounts.

  • more null to empire interaction to receive pay
  • more null/ls/hs haulers in flight
  • less afk farming/more difficult botting
  • more player input means less afks^
  • more player input means less attention to local^
  • less consistency/more variety
  • less time spent aligned/more risk
  • activity encouraged and rewarded
  • more variety to pve fits due to more ship stats being valuable
  • more difficulty for bots to cash out
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Can you elaborate on a few points?

How is it less difficult to farm?

Where does the variety come from?

Which ones?

Move bounties fully 100% to tag drop u kill the rat you loot tag which is 1mil or 100k or whatever plus it’s normal loot.
Cashing in tags is very fair in my opinion

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Speed agility short range weapons tractors pretty much everything super bots ignore cause they just need to warp in and align out.

The difficulty comes from having to inspect every wreck which makes it so you can’t be aligned out constantly. I said it would be more difficult not less.

Variety would be same as looting. Sometimes you get all the effects sometimes you get half as much.

All that will happen is the Super will drop an MTU

And stay there while it tractors? Are you aware of how long they take and how many wrecks are generated? Also this is amazing because if they drop one and keep farming people can come snatch them and get nice killmails.

Why would you stay there while it gathers? Come back later with an alt to pick up the loot, and who cares if someone kills your 5 million ISK hauler alt.

Also, no, nobody is going to move these things with a “real” hauler. Jump freighters exist and will continue to be effectively impossible to attack.

sounds like a post screaming


kind of post

As was said, MTUs.

I rat in a carrier, and I can tell you that if it all went to tags, I’d just drop MTUs in each site, bookmark them, and then go collect in a smaller faster ship later.

If you want to shoot the MTU, shrug. Not really any significant amount lost.

Risk and Reward man. You do You. Leave an alt in a newbie ship there to keep an eye on it. IF the alt gets popped or sees someone moving in, come save your can.

Or yeah, stay with it. Keep moving and drop more than one about 90km apart. Whatever.

Ever used MTU’s? They work pretty good.

Risk vs reward is the whole point of my post lol

If people are chaining havens n sanctum they can’t just dock up without penalty anymore when someone comes in X amount of mtus are still pulling and need to be defended or they will be stolen.

Atm it isn’t worth the fucks for the attacker because the salvage is really mediocre. If bounties became effects or tags it would be a different story since I doubt just one mtu would be operational at once.

That’s called a conflict driver, and is supposed to be what doing those things are all about.

Maybe get some buddies in a Noctis or 2 to sweep up. They tractor pretty good.

I don’t get it are you agreeing with me or?

Literally made this post to make null sec more dangerous for pve.

I’m saying converting bounties to tags would be a good thing.

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Yes that’s the point of my post! So we agree?

You seemed to have a problem with the idea that all this will really do is cause people to drop MTU’s.

Seems fine to me.

Oh no I dunno I must have said things in a confusing manner. I am totally for this not against it. MTUs = content

Bots farming all day? Go to their system and snatch all their tags.

Also on your jump freighter note: you can’t cyno jump into high sec and that’s where the npc orders for the tags will be in my ideal world.

No, but you can jump directly between safe stations until you reach lowsec adjacent to highsec and then warp directly to the gate into highsec. It’s virtually impossible to kill a jump freighter outside of highsec unless the pilot is flying drunk. And of course in highsec the only threat is suicide ganks, which are easily avoided by keeping the total cargo value low enough that a gank is not profitable. At no point is there any meaningful risk involved.

Then we can make the npc buyers deep in high sec. Also if we’re talking botter tags (which I said cargo space of these tags would require hauling) means you can’t just not carry much value or it will take longer than the ratting itself to get the payout.

Look I’m not saying like the idea is perfect as it is but I feel like every little thing is being nitpicked and no one has any hope of botting being crushed by demanding more player input…

Also the scale of these things would be quite large if I was allowed to make up numbers I’d say 1000m3 for 100mil of tags. For any normal player yeah that’s nothing but to a botting coalition that is going to add up effort very quickly and possibly even discourage it. At the very least their payout will have a chance to be compromised.

Also even if it was easy to transport at least catching bots in the act would have a satisfying and rewarding benefit for someone who finds them and steals their MTUs and takes the tags for themselves.

Uh, no, that’s not “nothing” at all. 100 mil of tags is a tiny amount of value, even a casual PvE player is going to accumulate much more than that. Now you need a jump freighter to even consider farming, and you’re going to spend more time dealing with logistics of moving tags than doing real content.

Then we can make the npc buyers deep in high sec.

This does nothing. Highsec hauling is effectively 100% safe regardless of length, as long as you keep your total cargo value down to safe levels. All you’re doing is making the process take far longer for everyone, not just the botters.