Wrong Graphic card on FPS Display

Hello everyone.

I have installed Eve online on Ubuntu 18 following EVE UNI tutorial.

Everything works more or less fine (the settings i change in laucher are not persistent and have to change them every time i boot the launcher), but apart from that the launcher works fine and i can launch the game.

However, when launching the game i noticed a huge dip in performance, si i used “Cntrl+F” to open FPS viewer and to my surprise i got this:

It says that i’m using DX11 (thats correct) but it says NVIDIA Geforce GTX 470 while my card is: GTX 1650.

I suppose this is what is causing the bad performance, how can i fix this??

Thank you!

Hi, you can the launcher settings (credentials) make persistent by using the gear right from your login name.

That EVE shows the wrong graphics card are maybe a reason of an outdated wine version which don’t know your graphics card. Try to use a newer wine version and nvidia drivers for your hardware. Another perfomance boost are DXVK, which you can install with winetricks but beware, use the right wineprefix by installing from DXVK.

Hi Gharim and first of all thank you for you help.

Regarding the settings not being persistent, i have the “Remember account” setting on “True” in the menu that you get when you click the gear thing next to my login name, but still they are not persistent.

Maybe it’s because of how i start the game? i just make a simple call to the “evelauncher.sh” without parameters or sudo… i don’t know…

Regarding the other thing, the graphic card issue, i tried to mess up with an updated version of wine, but i dont know how to install DXVK or make the evelauncher use my custom wine, if you could help me with that i would really appreciate it.


Using a custom wine instead the delivered one is easy to set up: open the hamburger menu on the right side (the big E left from the minimize button), chose ‘Settings’ entry and you get this Settings panel:

I’m using for myself a custom wine from WineHQ.org which are in the meantime on version 5 and works well on 19.10. If you have used the UniWiki Way to install evelauncher then download DXVK install it as its there described.
Important is only your used WINEPREFIX which are in your case $HOME/.eve/wineenv

And btw never use sudo or su to run evelauncher.sh it breaks your home-directory.


PS. If you see me in the ingame Linux Channel and have questions, just ask :wink:

Hello and again thanks for the help!

Could you please tell me how can i make sure that EvE is using DXVK?


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