WTA 2 deployed Keepstars in the Drone Regions

Well, for some not too obvious reasons we don’t need our RAZOR Keepstars in the Drone Regions anymore. They are fully fitted and rigged. And they are not reinforced (yet!).

One is located at: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/1-BK1Q
Other one here: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/system/S7WI-F

Starting Bid: 100B
Buyout: Hidden
Minimum bid increment: 10B
Closing date and time: 4/21/18

Can’t sell Reinforced structures,

No joke I’ll buy them both for 120b

(My offer will drop in stages of shield armor & hull)

Edit: Added rules

Gotta fund replacement titan?

Will swap for ONE Erebus Hull

I bid two ref cycles, 0B.

That’s below the other bid :wink:

Only if you have a choice in the matter.

Well, I do have a choice. I don’t mind letting them die. You can unanchor them and make a very decent profit or kill them for the killmail. Both ways are fine to me.

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It’s funny to watch you scramble for any sort of feeling of agency in the situation.

Anyway, good try at a scam thread.

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I’ll give you 10 b each for them , so long as skill yourself and their allys would be intrested in accepting 20 b to allow me to un an our them

Can’t see it happening but worth a shot

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