WTA 2004 13m SP CovOps5/T3Dessie5

Hello. I am for sale.

Positive wallet
Positive sec
Leaving corp when 1st offer posts to extend the 15+ years in corp as long as possible.


Offers start at 10b

Thank you for your consideration and good luck in your bidding.

I can offer you 8b

10 bil

12 bil
money ready

taking back bid

lol, just got home from work

sorry i missed ya.

and ironically enough, i think i started my download for the client about 5hrs ago.

if i missed your offer before this, again my apologies, life got me by the short ones.

ok, 12 bil, money sent

character is sold

transfer is paid, should be completed for you at this point, sir.

thanks and fly well.

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