WTA 200M SP - 2003 - Amazing PVP Pefect Subcap

WTA PVP Subcap 198M + 2.9M unalocated

2003 toon!!
198.4M SP
2.9M SP unallocated
Positive Wallet
No kill-rights
Super good standings for Caldari/Ammar
3 Jump Clones (high-grade amulet + high-grade crystal)
2 Bonus Remaps
located in high sec (Jita)
In NPC corp
1.4 Security Status
Perfect Standing for Caldari/Ammar
Starting bid 100B.
End Bid: Nov 10, 2020
Reserve: hidden
Will pay transfer fees

bid 120b ThoroughCleanAtlanticspadefish-max-1mb



125b offer




extended? :slight_smile:

well, yes, the price is currently below extraction price … for a char that has a ton of skills and it’s 2003 one …

no, it’s not below the extraction price.

and this is misleading, should be 195.5m + 3m unallocated

150b need about 24 hours to sell off some stuff in Jita as i’m at work for the next 12.

@Bund_Isagar you are right, I was looking at the total no of SP and added the unallocated SP.
The correct total no of SP is 198.54M SP. (including 3.05M unallocated)

@Cynosural_Angst - I would accept 160B.

Then I hope you find someone to pay you 160 because I won’t be.


Responded to your mail



Last bump, If not a higher bid than 150B today, will sell it.

Seems like the sale did not come through, open again.