[WTA] 52m SP Trader/Scientist/Scanner/Mission-runner w/ Amarr/Caldari/Amatar/Mordus standings

Name: Uber Pie
Skillpoints: 52m
Wallet: Positive
Killrights for/against: None
Security Status: Positive
Location: Jita 4-4
Neural Remap: NOW & Bonus (1)
Jump Clones: 9 + Main

Ship Summary:
Racial Frigs V. All pirate frigs. Amarr Cruiser V. HAC IV; All pirate cruisers. CovOps & Amarr Recon ships
Noctis for salvaging


Starting @ 45bn

Auction ends Sunday. Post here or mail me. I reserve the right to NOT sell.

Thank you for your time.

to the top…

Oh god, I just realized you are the founder of my alt corp that I purchased probably 8 years ago? That’s amazing! I’ll throw in 42B just because of that.

LOL, thanks - I’m still around as you can see :slight_smile:

43b offer



any other takers?

45b offer

Offer of 45bn accepted.

Please post here when you transfer the ISK.

Isk and account name sent.


ISK received & Transfer initiated, thank you!

Hmmm so you wait 4 days on my offer, then instantly accept the next offer. Delightful

They did say starting at 45b.

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