WTA 60.5mil Perfect Rorq + Booster

Skill Sheet

Full set of Improved
ORE Mining Director Mindlink

No Real lose mails
Drones 7,936,000 skillpoints
Engineering 2,154,040 skillpoints
Fleet Support 12,886,025 skillpoints
Navigation 5,332,577 skillpoints
Neural Enhancement 1,071,755 skillpoints
Planet Management 543,060 skillpoints
Production 3,584,000 skillpoints
Resource Processing 2,139,510 skillpoints
Science 1,339,769 skillpoints
Shields 4,248,627 skillpoints
Spaceship Command 14,711,006 skillpoints

Ready to Inject Erebus Skillbook.
Perfcet Rorq

No Kill right
Pos Wallet
Pos Sec

Starting Bid 45bil
Buy Out 60Bil Now 55bil

Ends Either with buy out or on 12th March at 20:00

50 bil

Thank you for using the Character Sponsor feature on eveskillboard.com, best of luck on your sale!

51 bil

Back Up for today

New Buy out of 55bil

I will do 55b buyout.

send isk and account name please

isk sent and email with account name sent to John, thank you

please confirm when you initiate transfer

transfer started it should be in your account in 10 hours Enjoy

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