WTA 8m sp amarr starter charater

(Marcus Maul) #1

selling myself Marcus Maul

Has cybernetics 5 should you wish to use it as a sp farm.
Has a few amarr cap gun skill books injected - was going to be a cap ship pilot.

In NPC Corp
Located in High sec
no kill rights
positive wallet
I will pay transfer fee

Starting bid - 4bn isk

(Marcus Maul) #2

bumpity bump

(Str0ntium Dog) #3

5B Buyout

(Marcus Maul) #4

bumpity bumpity bump

(Marcus Maul) #5

bounce back to the top, will keep sale open for further 24 hrs

(Marcus Maul) #6

5b current highest offer, will run for 2 more days

(Stuu Reborn) #7

I’ll give you 5.6 Bil to buy, offer stands until I find another char, please note I am bidding on others.

Isk and Account waiting

(Marcus Maul) #8

bid noted, i can see you have offered same price on a lower sp character, so i’ll decline.

consider this one last bump before character is left in stasis

(Stuu Reborn) #9

sorry i ment to put 6.6same rules apply

(Marcus Maul) #10

offer of 6.6b accepted, please transfer isk and send account details

now offline for next 4 hrs when i get home from work (15:00-15.30 eve time)

(Marcus Maul) #11

No details or isk received from prospective purchaser, sale remains open for further 12 hrs

(Marcus Maul) #12

auction closed. character not sold, any enquiries feel free to message in game

(system) #13

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