WTA Thanatos / Nyx Pilot 24m SP

(Gia Stem) #1


Positive Wallet
Located in Jita
No Killrights

11.8m SP in Drones
Strong core skills
Can fly Covops
Can light a cyno

Starting bid: 25b
Buyout: 28b

(Gia Stem) #2


(Call me taotao) #3

how about 23B

(blahmans) #4

24B, Online and ISK Ready

(Call me taotao) #5

25B offer。

(blahmans) #6


(Gia Stem) #7

27b and i’ll sell it right now, i’ll be on for a cpl hours…

(blahmans) #8

26 Bill is as high as I will go, I’m Online now ready to buy.

(Gia Stem) #9

buyout from blahmans accepted

(blahmans) #10

Isk sent.

(blahmans) #11

Gia currently petitioned to complete the transfer using a plex, haven’t heard from her yet, money is still on her account

(blahmans) #12

Character received, took a little bit longer due to petition, but smooth trade.