WTA Thanatos / Nyx Pilot 20.8m SP

Positive Wallet
Located in Jita
No Killrights

8m SP in Drones
Strong core skills
Can fly Covops
Can light a cyno

Starting bid: 22b
Buyout: 25b



mail sent


I’ll start you off with 22


What is the situation with remaps? Used all the bonus ones? How long since the annual one?

The next remap will be available in 11 days, no bonus remaps left.

Bid 23b


25 bill

buyout reached, pls transfer isk and send me the accountname to transfer to by mail

Done and done

Transfer initiated

Your message was around 28 hours ago, and the transfer should take 10 hours, but he hasn’t arrived. What’s the status on your end?

Ah great. He’s turned up!