WTA Thanatos / Nyx Pilot 20.8m SP

(Ryan O'Connor) #1

Positive Wallet
Located in Jita
No Killrights

8m SP in Drones
Strong core skills
Can fly Covops
Can light a cyno

Starting bid: 22b
Buyout: 25b

WTB starter carrier pilot
(Ryan O'Connor) #2


(Ryan O'Connor) #3


(Baron Badasaz) #4

mail sent

(Ryan O'Connor) #5


(Bernhard Madoff) #6

I’ll start you off with 22

(Ryan O'Connor) #7


(Reyna Arkturus) #8

What is the situation with remaps? Used all the bonus ones? How long since the annual one?

(Ryan O'Connor) #9

The next remap will be available in 11 days, no bonus remaps left.

(Reyna Arkturus) #10

Bid 23b

(Black Cannary) #11


(Reyna Arkturus) #12

25 bill

(Ryan O'Connor) #13

buyout reached, pls transfer isk and send me the accountname to transfer to by mail

(Reyna Arkturus) #14

Done and done

(Ryan O'Connor) #15

Transfer initiated

(Reyna Arkturus) #16

Your message was around 28 hours ago, and the transfer should take 10 hours, but he hasn’t arrived. What’s the status on your end?

(Reyna Arkturus) #17

Ah great. He’s turned up!