Wtb 20-25mil sp combat toon

Must have decent core skills
and decent weapon support skills


  • Ultra-focus combat pilot (not a single sp wasted)
  • Perfect (or near perfect) fitting skills
  • perfect missile skills (perfect breacher/bellicose/vfi/sfi/bellicose etc. pilot)
  • perfect navigation skills
  • full set of snakes+zor hl etc
  • fly Loki (current skill focus)
  • good reputation within militia
  • can wreak havok on the battlefield (check killboard: https://zkillboard.com/character/2112547115/ )
  • was designed for solo pvp


More like 19Mil sp but great focus, and very little waste http://eveboard.com/pilot/Sergeant_Dashing

how much were you thinking of selling her for

25.2 B

Here is why

a) to buy 1 month omega with plex is 1,6B jita price (500plex)
b) It took me 12 months omega + 2B injectors to get those 23M SPs, at a rate of ± 2900 sp/h with full +5 implants
c) I have a 2B full snake implant set on my main clone (+zor, 703, 903 etc)
d) I have to pay 20$ USD for transfert

If I want to restart from zero and get to the same character, it would cost me (1,6B x 12 months) +2B for implants + 2B for injectors = 23.2B. And at that price I dont make any profits (and hope that price wont get higher for plex in the next months). So, for 25,2 I make 1B out of this, and can restart another alt today, ready and at pretty much the same level in 1 year :wink:

If you want to wait 1 year to get the same character quality, the best is to pay 1 year omega, make a few remaps and rush for the +5 implants (and buy them of course).

Let me know if you find something flaw in my reasoning :wink:

Good luck in your search for the rare pearl !

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i am really interested on your character? how much would you like to sell it to me?

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