WTB 300m SP skill point characters,The best combat skill points are C and A

ask:male characters
More skill points are needed
Useless skills are not needed

Missile Skills Laser Skills Full

Advanced talisman with energy implants

Son, you need to clarify what you want.

You’re asking for 300m so and saying “useless skills not needed”. At thatevel of SP, people will be training random ■■■■.

You cannot stay pure to two races and have that high so count. You’re delusional about what you want.

I want an account with combat skills

Skill requirements for A and C families

Closest character I got is:
Ken Hatiman Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)


Hello, there are some useless SP inside you

If you really want to sell, I will offer a suitable price

My price for him is 210B, otherwise I pass.

please check in game mail


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