WTB 5-10M SP Characters

Looking to pickup 3 additional 5-10M SP Characters, offering 4-10B make offers!

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Billzy_Bob 8m+ SP includes 55,000 unallocated, 7B isk


5.5m+ SP
25k Unallocated

5B isk


5.6m+ SP
550k Unallocated

5B isk

Offer accepted send me character to send ISK to

@Molly_Lennelluc 4.75Bill

@Billzy_Bob Offer accepted send character name

Please send ISK and account name to CJ Kondur

I will accept the offer of 4.75B, please send ISK and account name to CJ Kondur

@Gabby_Madullier @Molly_Lennelluc ISK sent, please transfer characters to account names trade4plex, and Col.Vind

ISK has been received, thank you.

@Gabby_Madullier was sent to trade4plex
@Molly_Lennelluc was sent to Col.Vind

@CJ_Kondur Perfect thanks you! Enjoy the ISK!

Please send ISK to Billzy Bob and let me know which account for transfer. I will transfer as soon as I receive ISK.

PW 224466


Do you still want to buy this character?

I’m sorry, I can’t wait any longer to complete this transaction. I am putting the character up for public sale. If you are still interested, please reply to this thread: 8.1m SP elite all small weapons systems and T1 frigates

Pass 1234

Pass 1234

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