WTB 5M SP pilots

received and transfer started.

3.5 bil


I offer 2.8B for Drostan Stone

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Accepted, Send isk & account info and i will begin the transfer process.

isk and info sent

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Isk Recieved transfer started.

Still looking for more

How much would you offer for this? :slight_smile:

Hi, have this character for sales, offer?


still looking for more


does 7.2bil sound reasonable for this toon? I added your 2.8bil to the 4.4bil I would get for $25 (being the same as transfer fee) of 5x purchased skill extracters and 2x ingame purchased extractors.

No, I’ll pay 5b for this

meet me half way at 6bil?

No sir.

so if I sell a char, you will buy it for 2.8b, and I need to pay 20$ transfer fee?

still buying ?



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