✅ WTB ALL CHARS - 24/7

Neyti 30B

Giovane Esploratrice 4B

Giovane Esploratrice 4.5B for Miles Marcel

Super Pilot for sale link and info above

EveSkillboard - Astraeus4539
Full set of high grade crystals excluding omega
how much please

How much for this one? EveSkillboard - Axiff

How much? https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Shivering_Jemmy

Ok i also have 1.181.444 million SK unallocated please add that to the price and than we can trade


How much for me?

EveSkillboard - Raff Nine offer?

Price please

How many for this

Astraeus4539 21B.

Axiff 45B.

Dalek Sek 34B

Astraalan 55B

Raff Nine 77B

force1 63B

Kirmara Cretak 31B

I need to know the total SP to make an offer and your skill boards link is broken. If you have 84M total SP then 47B is my offer. you will need to confirm that before I send ISK.